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Consumer Guidelines for Mail Order Shopping, Catalog Shopping ...
If what you order is not available, some companies may offer you the option of allowing the . If you don't, it may be hard to remember where and when you sent or . you may want to keep a copy of the filled-out order form for your records. . If the purchase was charged on your credit card, the company must credit your .

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Junk Mail - How to Stop Receiving Junk Mail
Register Your Name to Reduce Junk Mail . DMA will list you in its database in the “Do Not Mail” category. . They realize there is no percentage in routinely sending mail to people who don't want it and have taken action to prevent it. . mortgage, credit card and insurance companies use to mail you offers and solicitations.

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The Secretary of State maintains a registry of all charitable organizations, . The Consumer Resource Center, Office of the Attorney General, offers . Do not send or give cash and do not give a credit card number to anyone over the phone.

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July Directing Intensive 2012
Jul 24, 2012 . It is now possible to pay with a major credit card. Do not send credit card numbers to us. Contact HVPI for more information. To Register: Please .

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Authorlink: Membership Overview
[ BOOK/Film/TV PITCHES ] [ WRITER'S REGISTRY ] [ E-BOOK NEWS & REVIEWS ] . Many of our writers do receive requests while others do not, due to a variety of . sent to you via your private MY ACCOUNT page, offers helpful insights on what . In the event you need to manually send us credit card information, never do .

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Protect Your Privacy HOW TO SECURE YOUR PERSONAL ...
The California Attorney General established the Identity Theft Registry, which . Electronic credit card receipts cannot show more than the last five digits of . When using the Internet, do not send sensitive personal information (Social Security number, credit . Opt?-?out of receiving pre-approved credit offers by calling (888) .

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Design Trade Program | west elm
west elm offers exclusive trade pricing and services to designers and architects via . Please do not send credit card numbers via email. Orders may take up to .

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Jaguar Certificate
This may be a photocopy of the registration document or log book, title document or other reasonable proof of . However, please don't send credit card details by open e-mail!). . Mike offers the following advice to applicants from Jag-lovers: .

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Online Fraud - Security | SunTrust
It appears to be an email sent from SunTrust regarding registration of an online identity theft complaint, but the . Don't send your credit card number in the mail.

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Atlantic Coast Bank
Remember, Atlantic Coast Bank will never send unsolicited emails asking . Credit Card fraud can occur when someone takes your card and uses it . newspapers publishing fake advertisements with special rates and offers. . the National Do Not Call Registry or call 888.382.1222 to prohibit telemarketers from calling you.

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FBI — Common Fraud Schemes
“You must send money, give a credit card or bank account number, or have a check . Never respond to an offer you don't understand thoroughly. . You can also register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission's Complaint Assistant.

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How to Opt-Out of Credit Card Offers FOREVER
Jun 6, 2006 . Rates & offers from advertisers shown on this website change . and social security number from the companies you don't want to have it. . Register to stop getting credit card and insurance offers in the mail at OptOutPrescreen.com. . I just send back those costly “paid by addressee” envelopes empty.

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Weekly AG Newspaper Columns - Texas Attorney General
Credit card offers and "fast cash" offers are prevalent online. . even if you have previously requested that you be placed on a Do Not Call registry. . Several people have contacted my office about offers to transfer their mortgage to an online .

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