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More Inactive Credit Cards Being Closed: Protect Your FICO Credit ...
Jan 7, 2009 . Protect FICO score as more inactive credit card accounts are closed. From a bank's point-of-view, this makes perfect sense. People are losing .

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Credit Card Companies Are Closing Unused Accounts
Jan 6, 2009 . Note that it is also important to cash out any unredeemed rewards you have at dormant credit card accounts. We accumulated almost $100 in .

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Does canceling inactive credit cards help your credit score
Does canceling inactive credit cards help your credit score? . If you have 10 credit card accounts and wish to close one of the newer ones or if you would like to .

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Should I Close My Revolving Credit Card Accounts If I Don't Use ...
You have a wallet full of credit cards, several of which you never use. . If you're worried about inactivity fees or lowered credit limits on dormant accounts, make .

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Credit scores and the risks of inactive credit cards - MSN Money
May 14, 2010 . Does this hurt my credit scores to have this credit card with zero activity? Would it hurt my credit scores more if I closed this account? -- Beth .

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Should You Close Your Credit Card?
Jun 20, 2009 . Inactive Cards: When credit cards are no longer being used, their owners typically close the accounts. Protection Against Identity Theft: With the .

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Member Education - Spojnia Credit Union
Identity Theft | USA Patriot Act of 2001 | Dormant Account . he calls your credit card issuer and asks to change the mailing address on your credit card account.

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Financial Services Litigation | Calvo Fisher & Jacob
. in major cases involving checking account, credit card and consumer loan fees , . funds from dormant credit card accounts into Citibank's own general ledger.

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Purchase | Slider
One way to improve your debt obligations is to close all dormant credit card accounts. Contact your credit card customer service department to discuss closing .

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Erica Sandberg: Can issuers close inactive credit card accounts ...
Mar 23, 2011 . A reader is surprised that an old, dormant credit card account was closed and he wasn't told. Our expert says this is neither illegal, nor .

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Inactive Account Definition | Inactive Credit Card Account
An inactive account is when is an individual does not use his or her credit card for a specified amount of time which leads to their credit card being deactivated .

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Credit Card Glossary - Inactive Account
What does Inactive Account mean? An inactive account, also called dormant account is that banking account where there was no visible transaction or any .

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Use Your Inactive Credit Cards At Least Once A Year My Money ...
Dec 6, 2008 . The easy solution is to remember to use each of your credit cards at least . I can' t fault any business for closing a dormant account (e.g., Ing .

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